"Yeah, it's cool, but where's the pedals?"


Thinking outside the box, and stepping outside of our comfort zone is something that makes STRIDER such a success. If we never tried anything new, we would never discover new things. If we never make ourselves uncomfortable, we would never force ourselves to face new challenges, and ultimately overcome them. 

On that note, three of the women in our office took a motorcycle safety course this past weekend. Not because anyone made them, but because they wanted to try something new. 

biker girls

Here is the outcome…

One of them, while she finished the course, will probably never ride a motorcycle again. It’s just not for her. 

Another is super stoked about borrowing a friends dirt bike so she can bomb through some of the trails in the hills. 

And the other was literally counting down the minutes until the DMV opened so she could get her motorcycle license and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we see a shiny new ride out in the Strider Headquarters parking lot. 

They didn’t know the outcome before they participated in this class. But they did it. And they are all better because of it. If Ryan McFarland didn’t try taking off the pedals of his sons tiny bike to try something new and think outside the box, then I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now. I would probably be adjusting the height of my son’s training wheels and encouraging him not to take corners too fast because he’ll tip over. (Instead I am spending Wednesday nights cheering him on at the BMX track!) There is so much more to life than being comfortable, and like my fortune cookie read last night „there’s more to balance than not falling over.”

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