YAMAHA Sponsored STRIDER Rider Contest!

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Is your STRIDER rider a diehard fan of Yamaha Racing? Do you ride Yamaha motorcycles on the track, dirt or street? Does your STRIDER rider have a poster of Davi Millsaps #18 or Traci Cecco #202 on their wall? Will they be racing in one or more of the 2012 Strider World Cup Races or the Strider World Championship in Sarasota October 12th-14th? If you answered yes to any of these question then your STRIDER Rider might just be the perfect fit for the first ever Yamaha factory sponsored STRIDER rider!

Two winners will be chosen; 1 boy and 1 girl! They will receive a Yamaha STRIDER along with gear and goodies direct from Yamaha:
YAMAHA Goodies.jpg

Your Yamaha STRIDER Rider Profile:
1. Age they started riding
2. Current age/Birthdate
3. Height/Weight
4. How often do they ride their STRIDER
5. Previous STRIDER Cup Races if any
6. Favorite terrain to ride their STRIDER on
7. Favorite cereal/training food
8. His/her Best quote about STRIDER riding
9. Why would your STRIDER rider be the best choice for the Yamaha
Sponsored STRIDER Rider?

Rules and Regulations:
– – By uploading the image to www.StriderLife.comyou are releasing the copyright of the image for use by Strider Sports International, Inc. for promotional purposes in perpetuity.
– – In order for the photo to be considered it must be a photo of your child taken by yourself.
– – Individuals may post 1 photo and must complete the STRIDER Rider profile and fully respond at time of uploading photo into thread on Strider Life.
– – The winning Yamaha sponsored riders will be chosen by a vote of the staff at STRIDER World Headquarters by (July 20, 2012). There will be 2 sponsorships available; 1 boy and 1 girl
— The winning Yamaha sponsored rider and their parents will submit a full res photo of their rider wearing the Yamaha gear on their STRIDER within 7 days of receiving their gear and bike

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