What is a STRIDER Adventure Zone?

STRIDER® Adventure Zone & How To Increase STRIDER™ Sales


Many communities and organizations sponsor social gatherings and festivals that draw parents and their young families. These events are the PERFECT place to hold a STRIDER Adventure Zone where you can showcase, create and expand STRIDER awareness. These festivals might include city festivals, regional fairs, corporate events, and automobile, motorcycle or bicycle expositions – just to name a few. An Adventure Zone is a small and dedicated area that allows kids to ride a Strider through a controlled course without interfering with the festival. Kids are able to ride a Strider for free while parents learn the benefits of Strider.

Begin by partnering with complimenting organizations to create a synergy that benefits everyone. Our annual Strider® World Championship Race (SWC) in Sarasota, FL, involves several different youth and charity organizations, and included the local Sarasota county government. Sarasota county continuously televises highlights of our SWC races for free on a local tourism channel!

Teaming up with charity or youth organization will draw attention from the local community and allow you access to their loyal followers. You are able to work together promoting and advertising your event through advertising and social media. Sporting events such as BMX, mountain bike, road bike, motorcycle and auto races are great places to feature STRIDER racing – crowds love to see the little kids race!

Educate the festival manager and let them know the Adventure Zone will attract people to their existing festival, making their festival even larger. Your Adventure Zone will keep families at the festival for longer periods of time and provide entertainment for ALL ages. It educates the public on the proper way to teach a child balance and while building the child’s confidence – all at no cost to the festival manager! It can also draw the local media to your event, which in turn promotes their festival. Contact your local media about the Adventure Zone’s uniqueness and free educational benefit to the public. The results of free advertising on the local media help expand your Dealer network and generate retail sales.

Let the festival manager know you will be spending significant amounts of money to build the course, hire workers, providing t-shirts for all workers, supplying STRIDERs and helmets, and awarding all participants with a ribbon or medal. Depending upon the festival, the festival manager may or may not allow you to sell STRIDERs within their event. Focus on the Adventure Zone and educating parents and kids and the sales will come naturally. Don’t make selling your focus at the event as it diminishes the educational value. Ask a local STRIDER Dealer to post banners with their business name around the Adventure Zone perimeter so that people know where they can purchase STRIDERs.

Strider has sponsored Adventure Zone events at these large U.S. events:

* Please, sponsor several smaller Adventure Zones before sponsoring a larger Adventure Zone like those listed above. You need the experience before taking on a large event to ensure it’s successful in front of large crowds!

Still don’t believe you can get into these large festivals for minimal cost? Fact: we approached our first LARGE weekend festival drawing hundreds of thousands of people and were asked to pay $30,000 USD. We educated the festival manager, as described above, and ended up paying $100 USD and received a larger space! After two such large festivals, we now have many nationally known festivals occurring around the U.S. requesting us to sponsor Adventure Zones at their festival!!! These other large festivals are seeing the benefits of Adventure Zones. Adventure Zones provide activities children can become engaged in and give mom and dad some relief, while their kids ride STRIDERs in a safe area.

Work with a local STRIDER Dealer(s) or recruit new Dealers to help staff the event and help keep your costs low. Often, a local bike or motorcycle shop will decide to become a Strider Dealer because they will see the success of the Adventure Zones, or their customers begin asking for STRIDERs. An Adventure Zone is also a great place to introduce prospective Dealers to STRIDER and see firsthand the benefits of becoming a STRIDER Dealer.

There is a US sporting goods store that featured Adventure Zones at all of their 23 stores on a particular weekend. One of their stores sold 41 bikes during that week. 20 bikes were sold during the 4 hours the Adventure Zone was operating in the store. Adventure Zones work!

Consider how you can implement Strider Adventure Zones and watch your STRIDER sales GROW!SAZ 2

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