Strider Camp® Kit


What is Strider Camp®?

It’s a super fun, five-session program to teach children, teens, and adults–individuals of all ages and abilities–the balance needed to enjoy a lifetime of riding adventures! Each session is designed to introduce  a new skill:

    1. Handling the Strider® without assistance
    2. Walking with a Strider
    3. Introducing Obstacles
    4. Beginning to balance with feet off the ground
    5. End-of-class party to show off new skills to parents another family members

Who is Strider Camp for?

Strider Camp is for anyone wanting to sell Strider Bikes and teach children, teens, and adults of all abilities to ride on two wheels! In the US, we are currently targeting Independent dealers, Parks and Recreation Programs nationwide, physical therapists, and non-profit organizations that work with children with special needs. 

Dona Ochsner, our education specialist, and Susie Marcks put the Strider Camp Program together with easy, step-by-step instructions, lesson plans, all the handouts needed to implement the program, and a video showing an actual class in session. We have recently enhanced the program with an Instructor’s Manual containing lessons specifically for older children and adults. 

We are in the process of updating the Strider Camp Curriculum and will have the new version available soon.
lease feel free to reference these files, but if you can, wait to print until the new version is available.

To download the complete Strider Camp Curriculum for riders up to 5 years old, please
click here.

To download lessons specific to riders 6 years of age and older, click here

To download a pdf of the Strider Camp Certificate, Click here


In the US, we charge $99 USD for the Strider Camp Program for existing dealers and for people who are members of an educational, special needs non-profit, or health care organization,. This fee includes all the information, handouts, and lesson plans, as well as a duffel bag of supplies needed to run a Strider Camp. The purchases also becomes a Strider dealer and can purchase bikes at dealer cost. New Independent dealers can choose to receive the Strider Camp Program as part of their $299 USD Buy-In fee. If you are ready to promote the Strider Camp program, here are several flyers to get you started:

Flyer for Dealers pdf: Click here
1-Page Inclusive Flyer pdf: Click here
2-Page Inclusive Flyer pdf: Click here
Learn-to-Ride Camp Flyer pdf:
Click here

Crowd-Funding Basics Flyer: pdf, Click here

Crowd Funding Basics Flyer 

Did you know that you can use Camp as a source of revenue or even promote it as a fundraiser? As a dealer, you receive the bikes at a discounted rate, in turn, you may sell the bike and curriculum at an inflated price.
 AblePlaly Icon

Strider Camp, a five session Learn-to-Ride curriculum, has been highly rated by AblePlay as a „Great Find” that help children with disabilities develop balance, coordination, and other valuable developmental skills. Recognized for their innovation, safety, and ease-of-use, Strider Bikes join an elite list of products reviewed and rated by AblePlay. Click on the AblePlay icon to learn more. „We evaluated the program under AblePlay „Great Finds,” as Strider Camp is not a toy, but a teaching tool that helps kids learn to ride a bike inclusively and independently. Kids are having fun while workingon their skillls to ride a bike.” Click here or on the AblePlay icon above to learn more.

 In January of 2015, the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance published an article, Incorporating Pedal-less Bicycles into a Pre-K through Third-grade Curriculum to Improve Stability in Children. We see physical education programs around the world beginning to implement the Strider Camp Curriculum as educators are expected to develop activities that promote psychological and physiological benefits to children.  Using Strider Bikes, schools are teaching young children how to balance, increase stability, and boost their confidence! This article will be helpful as you communicate with your education channel and continue to develop sales.

Another great article can be found in written by Mona Drolc, tells the story of how her son has overcome many of life’s obstacles. To read how David has flourished, click on „To Parents Who Think That Their KId Will Never Ride a Bike„. 


Still have questions? Click here for an in-depth Strider Camp webinar detailing how to organize and run a Strider Camp.


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