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From new rider to the savants of stride, Strider Cup races truly are for everyone to enjoy. Both beginner and professional will be in the crowds and inside the ropes at our Fort Worth race this Saturday. Luckily one of the pros isn’t there to race – but his son is! Pepe Montano has been a professional race car driver for over 27 years, and this year he is excited to bring his 2-year-old son Mateo to race in the Strider Cup.

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Pepe Montano had a long racing career participating in series including NASCAR Mexico and the Grand Am.  Now though, he’s taking time to slow down (just a little) and enjoy family time with his wife, Angie, and their two-year-old son, Mateo. While the pace has slowed, it’s just the first lap for little Mateo, who has recognized that racing is in his blood. At only one-year and two-months-old, most babies are still working on walking, but Mateo was ready to ride. Mateo started cruising on his Strider just after he turned one; which means he can officially say he has been racing for over half his life! With a silver 12 Pro and a blue 12 Sport to choose from, Mateo likes them both equally, because choosing from either means he gets to ride. We caught up with Pepe and asked a few questions about raising a little racer:

Strider: I saw you took Mateo skiing recently, how fun!! What are other activities that you hope to share with Mateo as he gets older?            

Montano: We love motocross and skiing, but I want to push Mateo to do whatever he loves to do. He will always have my support.

Strider: What does training look like for a 2-year-old?

Montano: We put him on the Strider every time he wants but don’t want to put pressure on him. The good news is that he is on the Strider every day because he wants to be.

Strider: Do you have any advice for new racers?

Montano: My advice for new racers is always be happy about what they do, be disciplined, persevere, and always believe in themselves.


Our passion is inspiring the next generation of riders, and we love when parents support that love of riding with their own children because riding truly does change everything. Look for Pepe and Mateo at the Strider Cup Race this Saturday in Fort Worth, Texas. Be sure to give him a high-five, wish him luck, and ring your cowbells for all the riders making waves on their Striders! For more information on the Strider Cup ft. Worth Racing event please visit 

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