Meet Jason Lee our Strider South Korea Distributor

 Meet Jason Lee, our South Korea Distributor, and his family. Jason has been a member of the Strider Family since Dec. 16, 2011!

1. Why did you become a Strider distributor?

è I worked as the engineer at an IT company before becoming a Strider distributor and I liked to do internet research. After my first son was born, I was looking for some items that I could play with him and discovered the balance bike.The first bike for my son was ‘Skoot,’ made of wood. My son enjoyed riding the balance bike very much, however the durability was weak because it was a wood product. I came to know the “Strider” balance bike while looking for another balance bike for my son. My son was very excited about the Strider when it was delivered to my home. My son and I often took a ride at the park where many people looked at my son riding curiously. At that time, I was convinced that Strider balance bike could be a good business model in Korea. Besides, I was interested in doing my own business which could let me spend more time with my son. So, now I am here as a Strider distributor. 

 2. Tell us about yourself and your family. Please share as much as you’re comfortable with us sharing on our US website. Feel free to include photos

èHere is my family: Debbie (my wife), Seungbi (first son) and Chanbi (second son)
SK family photo

3. What sets STRIDER apart from other balance bikes?

èI think that the strength point of Strider is its light weight and 6 kinds of color choice. 

4. What is your most memorable Strider moment?

èWe held the “Strider Picnic” in the beginning.That was the event as the picnic concept, just inviting some families who have a Strider and enjoying time together. After rolling out the Strider Picnic for a couple of years, we began the “Korea Strider Race” based on success of the “Strider Picnic”. I remembered that it was most memorable moment as I finished the first “Korea Strider Race” successfully. 

 5. What are you most excited about the future of Strider in your territory?

èI think that the balance bike itself is quite new to Korea customers yet. That would be a weak point, however I see that it has much potential to grow. My sale record has been increased every year since I started the business. My customers are single individual customers mostly, meanwhile some school or kindergartens also gave interest in the balance bike for their curriculum. When I see such the change and trend, I have confidence in growing the business and I am also happy with imaging my new market plan and new future with the Strider balance bike.   

 6. What are you doing to keep life exciting for STRIDER riders in 2015?

èI plan to sell the brand new “black color” and 20” strider. I am curious and get excited to see how the market will react to these products. Besides, I am also considering a Strider Korea Invitation. I am happy when I imagine that I and my strider families could meet other Asia’s strider families. 

 7. Please provide a photo of yourself and/or your Strider team, that we can share as well. 

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