Meet Anna Kim, Strider Distributor in Russia

 Meet Anna Kim, Strider’s Russian Distributor! Anna has been a member of the Strider family since March 7, 2013. 

 1. Why did you become a Strider distributor?

èSince I became a mother, I would choose only the best products for my kids. I tried to buy toys which are educational and useful. While searching for the best bike for my younger son, I found information about the Strider balance bike and decided to buy it. Unfortunately, it was impossible to purchase in Russia, so I decided to order it abroad. At the same time, I noticed that a number of people were also looking for the possibility to buy a Strider bike. That was the moment we decided to become a Strider distributor.

2. Tell us about yourself and your family.

èWe, my husband and I, have two kids. Our elder son, Oleg, is 4.8 years old, and our junior son, Pavel, is 2.2 years old. They both are very active, like jumping and of course are in love with their Striders. We live in Moscow, like sports, traveling, and try everything new. My husband is a snowboard fan and our elder son already can ride a real bicycle, likes skating and skiing. I am sure that riding a balance bike helped him very much in obtaining his balancing skills. As a result, he can learn any kind of sports very quickly and easily.

 3. What sets STRIDER apart from other balance bikes?

èI think the most important is the spirit of a team, it is a life style. Everybody in the world can feel a part of the Strider team. It is very important from a very early age that toddlers can take part in the life of adults. I tried to use my stroller as less as possible because I preferred it when my kid was riding by himself and learning responsibility at the same time. While riding, he knew when he should stop, what to do to prevent himself from falling down, to stop in front of the cars, so he becomes self-sufficient. Ligtweight is very important for small kids, it is a advantage of Strider among other balance bikes. Another important comment is – design of Strider bike which is similar to adult bike, it is not a toy, it is a real bike!

 4. What is your most memorable Strider moment?

èWe were on holidays in Spain last summer and became superstars in the city where we stayed. We often walked on the seaside with our Striders and people were taking photos of our kids and asking how such a small kid has learned to balance.

 5. What are you most excited about the future of Strider in your territory?

èWe try to do our best to make the word „STRIDER” the only synonym of „balance bike” in Russia. I am happy when I see kids on Striders walking in the street or in the park and I am so proud that I am helping create smiles on kids’ faces.

 6. What are you doing to keep life exciting for STRIDER riders in 2014? 

èWe are opening the new sport section for new riders and experienced riders with professional trainer and hope that some of our young sportsmen will take part in the World Championship. We also represent Strider races in Moscow and participate in several big sport events with Adventure Zones.

 7. Please provide a photo of yourself and/or your Strider team, that we can share as well. 
èIf you would like to contact Anna, To view Anna’s Strider Website,, and for facebook,
New Anna and husband

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