Houston Pals Headed to Fort Worth Strider Cup Race

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Meet Tyson and Roman, a.k.a. “TyRo.” They’re best buds who share a passion for biking. At just 2 years old, Tyson enlightened his pal Roman about how fun it is to ride and race Strider Balance Bikes. (in photo, Tyson is on left, Roman on right)

The two friends from Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston, first met at daycare when they were one year olds. They’re excited about heading to Fort Worth for the Strider Cup Race on May 6.  “TyRo” are often overheard by their teachers at school having fragmented conversations about bikes and going to the dirt track. 

Tyson’s dad is an avid mountain biker and began his balance bike research early on so that he and Tyson could share a hobby. They chose a Strider Bike because it was lightweight and had the smallest inseam so Tyson could start riding at 18 months old.

Recently, his proud dad created a video of his first mountain bike trail ride. If you don’t smile during these 60 seconds, you may want to have your lips checked. Tyson is riding ladder obstacles that some adults would skip. Impressive! Video of Tyson’s First MTB Ride

“Riding the Strider Bike has been a huge confidence booster to an otherwise shy kid,” said Tyson’s mom Stella. “It’s also helped him pick up riding a scooter almost instantly and it has improved his balance and agility. He was able to skip training wheels and go straight to a pedal bike a few months after he turned two!”

Besides mountain bike trails, Stella said Tyson rides his Strider Bike, “in malls, parks, the zoo, skate parks – pretty much anywhere until someone tells us to stop.” When he wants to go to the local BMX track in Pearland, he says, “Mommy! Go burt (dirt) track with Roman? I go fast.”

Roman is also two years old, born just nine days apart from Tyson. Roman’s mom, Suzanne, said she bought him a Strider Bike just shy of his second birthday because of its reputation, recommendation and how quickly he took to it after test driving Tyson’s.

“Roman has always been quite agile, and the Strider Bike has helped him further refine his agility and increase his speed,” said Suzanne. “He rides around the neighborhood, on local trails, at the BMX park and even inside the house.”

As soon as Roman wakes up, he asks, “Ride bike please?”

Sounds like a good morning mantra.

Roman and Tyson from back

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