STRIDER® 16 & STRIDER 20 bikes are changing people’s lives!

Strider Sports International, Inc. (SSI) has participated in 20+ special needs community events and has supported Special Olympics, National Down Syndrome Congress, Little People of America, the Great Bike Giveaway, and The Autism Society which has provided tremendous exposure! At each of our 2015 STRIDER Championship Series events, we will feature racing for athletes with special needs. Local special needs organizations will distribute 10 STRIDER bikes to special needs individuals in advance of each race in order to give them time to practice and increase their riding skills.


STRIDER is the perfect balance bike for all abilities, ages and sizes. To learn more about how we are working with these organizations, download the Supporting Special Olympics document, which can be found in the “Download attachments” below.

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Success Stories!!!

Success Story #1
In 2014, the Down Syndrome Association (DSA) of the Bay Area in California applied and received a $500 (USD) grant through the Strider Rider Fund. With that grant money, they received two bikes and a camp kit. A few months later, Strider ran a campaign called “STRIDER Gives Back”. We asked special needs organizations to help us promote this campaign to its members. One of the winners selected was a member of DSA. The winner and the DSA organization both received a total of 7 STRIDER bikes. DSA was inspired by our Strider Camp kit curriculum and held a fundraiser that generated over $64,000 (USD). A large portion of those funds is being used to purchase an additional 100 bikes for an upcoming Strider Camp!

Success Story #2
Special Olympics of Florida applied and received a grant from the Strider Rider Fund, allowing them to receive 4 STRIDER bikes. Next, SSI partnered with and hosted a Strider Adventure Zone during one of their events. After the event, SSI donated the bikes leaving them with six – 16’s & fourteen – 12’s. They are now placing an order for 65 to 70 STRIDER bikes as they begin to build their Strider Camp program for the Special Olympics Young Athletes Program!

Success Story #3
The Special Olympics of New Jersey hosted the 2014 U.S.A. Games and Young Athletes Festival and invited SSI to attend. SSI donated 24 STRIDER bikes of various sizes and received recognition as a State Partner. The organization has ordered 32 STRIDER bikes in just 3 months, and has referred 3 other similar organizations who have also purchased another 18 bikes! As they travel around the state of New Jersey, they will implement the Strider Camp program and more bikes will be ordered for each location. They are also working with Rutgers University to conduct a scientific study using the STRIDER bikes that will hopefully give them the ability to promote their program across the U.S.A.

If you would like to read more success stories click here.

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We hope that you find the opportunities in your territory to support this sales channel. If you are interested in placing an order for a 20’ container of STRIDER 16s or STRIDER 20s, please contact Todd Mueller at

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