Let me tell you about a real life super woman. Her name is Chenoa. Wife, Mother of 4, devoted Strider Product Development Specialist, and a PHENOMINAL cook. I’m talking, the real deal. When Chenoa brings chili to work she has spent two days preparing all of the ingredients, roasting the peppers, preparing the steak (not frozen hamburger, steak.) soaking the beans and making them fresh. (Turns out they aren’t just for counting)putting who knows what other magic into it to make it the chili that came straight down from heaven into my little white paper bowl and straight to my happy tummy.

Yesterday I tasted her homemade ginger-ale. Yeah, that’s a real thing. She does that. A few weeks ago at lunch she asked me if I wanted to try a falafel. A fa-what!? All I heard was „awful” but I tried it anyway. I bet you had no idea that falafels are AMAZING. They are. Well, at least when then come from Chenoa’s kitchen they are. And cooking is just one of her many super powers, she makes time for her kids dance classes and soccer games, and not to mention is making Strider Bikes better every day with her innovative ideas, hard work and dedication. Keep up the hard work! (And please bring in more chili….)


Side Note: I may or may not have altered her computer monitor in this picture for my own devious reasons.


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