Happy Birthday Chance!


I am not a dog person. (GASP! I know, I know…) On my first day of work there was dog. No one told me there would be a dog. Not that it would have changed my mind, I guess, I just wasn’t prepared. So this dog didn’t really give me the time of day. It didn’t bother me though, things were better that way. A week passed, and I took a picture of him and texted it to my husband to show the kids. I still have that picture on my phone (posted below) and the text read „Co-worker.” It was just an informative photo. Surely I wasn’t taking it because I thought he was sort of sweet, or dare I say, growing on me. But grow on me he did, and now I find myself sneaking out from behind my desk to give him a little scratch under his chin or pat on the belly. Although I am still not a dog person, I am a Chance person. That’s his name, Chance. And I love him, we all do. And today happens to be Chance’s 11th Birthday. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

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The infamous "text picture."

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