“100 days of Tele and His Red Ride” now on Sony’s Action Cam YouTube Channel!!

On the Official YouTube Channel for Sony’s Actiom Cam a documentary movie series „100 Days of Tele and His Red Ride” is now showing!


The movie captures a 2 year old boy Tele’s 100 day challenge to become a STRIDER Rider. It shows his progress from his first encounter with red STRIDER, all filmed with Sony’s wearable „Action Cam”.

There will be a series of 8 movies, with the first two already uploaded. Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/ActionCamfromSony and cheer on our young hero Tele!!

Day 0 Episode 1: Tele’s first encounter with his “Red Ride ”, the STRIDER. Cheer on our young hero Tele as he takes on 100 days of challenge starting now. Go Tele!
Day1-10 Episode 2: Tele starts off on his STRIDER as the “Little Rookie”. Watch as our young hero tries to get along with his Strider from his parents point of view. Go Tele!
Day11-25 Episode 3: Tele finally runs out of the yard and starts facing the „Bumpy Road” in the park. Watch the adventures ahead of him on this new road and keep cheering him on. Go Tele!
TeleEpisode4  Episode 4: He cries, he smiles, he laughs, and Tele’s adventure is now half way through! Take a look back at how he has performed so far. There will be a series of 8 movies, with the first four already uploaded. Keep your eyes out on Tele and his STRIDER, because they’ve got another 50 days of adventure left! Go Tele!
TeleEpisode5 Episode 5: Tele’s making progress on his STRIDER day by day. Watch Tele take on his first STRIDER race in this episode of „Rivals”. The results will make you want to cheer him on more. Go Tele!

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