10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kent Jacobs


  1. I worked my way through High School and College as an Alligator Wrestler and Snake Handler Showperson at Reptile Gardens.
  2. I’m a fanatic about stereo systems both in my car and at home…I’m very picky about sound! 
  3. Case in point….the first two cars I owned and drove both had their back seats removed…and replaced wall to wall with MTX subwoofers.
  4. I met my wonderful wife when she rolled up in her Mustang 5.0 cruising 8th Street and asked me for a ride on my motorcycle.
  5. Kent is my middle name! Our family has a tradition, for no particular reason, of going by our middle names.
    • Father: Charles Timothy Jacobs
    • Me: Timothy Kent Jacobs
    • My Son: Kent Austin Jacobs
  6. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from SDSM&T
  7. When I’m at home and walk outside at night…I sometimes howl at the moon 😛
  8. For my entire childhood I never had to pay to play arcade games or pinball machines (the REAL arcade games that most people would drop a quarter in). My dad was an amusement and vending machine repair man. Free games!!! Mr.Do!
  9. I own 4 sets of wheels and tires for my Subaru. Not 4 tires…16 tires and 16 wheels… for one car. Each has their purpose. I guess you could say I’m fanatic about tires too 😛
  10. I’ve always wished I was Superman “Clark KENT” and I often have dreams that I’m flying or floating.

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