10 Things You Didn’t Know About Eddie Benford

 Meet Eddie! Strider Bikes Director of Sourcing, who literally travels around the world to help make STRIDER Bikes the best that they can be! 

  1. I lived in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness-(Detroit, Oregon) – 5 days/ 4nights a week during the summer for 3 years
  2. I fought forest fires and became a 20 person crew leader for 4 years.
  3. I tried to derail a train as a kid with plywood – ‘epic failure’! That would be considered a good failure…
  4. My Dad gave me my first car when I turned 13 – Coupe Deville Cadillac – ‘No License’, but I was the man!-(boy)
  5. I screwed up the first song I ever sang in high school and blamed it on my piano teacher. Pretty obvious who actually forgot the words!
  6. I sang in a Taiwanese Band when I lived in Taipei, Taiwan
  7. I met my wife singing in a Karaoke Contest on her 21st birthday. I won – because I was damn good –sort of
  8. I will have been married 20 years, as of March, 2014… Just shoot me and get it over with!!! Haha
  9. I used to be a runner and I THOUGHT I enjoyed it! Now look at me!!! What the heck happened?!!!
  10. My Nike Relay Team was ranked in the top 50 of the largest 12 person relay team in the world-(at that time) – 191 miles – Hood to Coast – Oregon. Finished in less than 24 hrs! Proof Pics below.


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