10 Things You Didn’t Know About David Christiansen

 Meet Dave! Strider Bikes Logistics Specialist! 

Dave c

  1. I apparently know and care way too much about 1980’s movies (so says my wife, maybe it has to do with all of the movie memorabilia I have?  Nah….)
  2. I survived/completed the 2005 Ironman Canada race at 35 yrs old. Believe me, if I could finish the race anyone can.  It’s amazing what your body and mind are capable of!
  3. When I was 4 I found a piece of wire, bent it, and poked it into both sides of an electrical socket (not recommended). I thankfully survived, but I always wondered if maybe that’s why my hair was extremely frizzy and curly when I was a kid.
  4. I was adopted at birth, and was able to find and meet my birth mother in my late 20’s after about 4 years of searching. Pretty awesome.
  5. My favorite stand-up video game from the 1980’s was ‘Food Fight’. (Warning: reoccurring 80’s theme….)
  6. I did a marathon just before I turned 15. Afterwards, I sat next to the Yoplait sponsored booth (because I couldn’t stand anymore) and ate so much yogurt I had to take a many, many year hiatus from eating/looking at/thinking about yogurt.  I’ve now recovered (….from the yogurt thing.)
  7. I’ve been married for 13 years and met my wife on the internet (back in early 1994 when a lot of traffic was on ‘Bulletin Boards’ vs. browsers….. think 2600 baud modems….). We talked for months before finding out that we only lived about 6 miles away from each other.
  8. I get to be a dad (and regress back to playing like a kid)  with my two groovy kids: my son, Gage (10) and daughter, Quinn (8).  I’m teaching them about all things 1980’s (less the mullet and parachute pants…) hahaha!
  9. My favorite movie of all time is ‘Ghostbusters’! (I won’t mention how much memorabilia I have of this movie.  :)
  10. I’ve been slowly changing my entire wardrobe to one color (black) over the last decade or so, so there is less to think about when I’m groggy in the morning 🙂 


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